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Educative materials for the Spanish NGO “Ayuda en Acción”

portada-juego-genero-213x300For several years now, our research group has fruitfully collaborated with the Spanish NGO “Ayuda en Acción” in the design, revision and translation of the materials for their educative programme. Dr Begoña Clavel-Arroitia (with Dr Jesús Fernández Domínguez) created some materials for their campaign for gender equality, implemented in many schools in Spain and Latin America. Access and download the materials: HERE.


Lesson Plans on Gender Violence

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Lesson Plan 1 – Gender Violence (English Language) (PDF version here)

Lesson Plan 2 – Education for Equality (TEFL) (PDF version here)

Lesson Plan 3 – Gender Violence & Vocabulary (English Lexicology) (PDF version here)

Lesson Plan 4 – Gender and Translation (Subtitling)


Secondary Education

Lesson Plan 1 – Domestic Violence (PDF version here / Teacher’s Guidelines here) (Author: Jessica Roch Castillo)

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