News values and ideology: The discursive, cross-cultural construction of gender and social inequalities in (digital) press through online, real-time corpus linguistics tools. The Gender Gap Tracker and Kaleidographic [NEWSGEN].

Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

Project number: PID2019-110863GB-I00

The general objective of this project is the study and analysis of public discourses on gender and social inequality in the digital press. Specifically, we intend to document and investigate the (historical) evolution and the political, cultural, social and ideological impact of the discourses on gender and social inequality from the construction of these discourses through multimodal news values in digital press corpora.

Scientific objetive

To document, describe and analyze the socio-ideological discourses created and promoted by the press around social and gender inequality by applying the discursive model of news values proposed by Bednarek & Caple (2017).

Technical objective

Creation of a corpus processing tool for the automatic extraction of NV in digital and multimodal press texts.

Dissemination objective

Dissemination and publication of the results of the previous objectives in international conferences, high-ranked publications, and through relevant academic, political and social institutions.

In short, to work to address the social challenges we investigate in order to foster multidisciplinary collaboration with other research groups, advise and transfer knowledge. This objective is of vital importance for the social and academic impact that can be derived from this project.