The GENTEXT Research Group

The Gender, Language & Sexual (In)equality research group (GENTEXT) is based in the Institut Interuniversitari de Llengües Modernes i Aplicades (IULMA) and in the Department of English and German Studies at Universitat de València.

GENTEXT was first set up around 15 years ago by Dr. José Santaemilia Ruiz. Since then, it has fostered research on gender, language, sexuality, and power, thus adhering to a long-standing tradition of feminist linguistic work.

Researchers associated with the group investigate the way language and other semiotic resources are used to communicate ideological values to do with gender and sexuality in a variety of contexts. In this way, our work falls within the interdisciplinary field of Critical Discourse Studies (CDS). Some of our main lines of inquiry are: 

  • The discursive construction of gender and sexual (in)equality in written digital media.
  • The compilation and exploitation of the GENTEXT corpus.
  • Legally mediated politics.
  • The intersection of gender, sexuality, and translation.
  • The power of educational materials. 
  • The representation of gender and sexual identity in telecinematic texts. 
  • The discourse of gender-based violence.

We welcome visiting researchers on a yearly basis. For updates, follow us on Twitter.