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The aim of this research project is to document and analyze the complex discursive-ideological processes which surround what we have termed ‘gender and sexual (in)equality’, and which would include –just to mention a few–such topics as the new concepts, the ideological tensions or the semantic negotiations derived from:

– the recent legalization of homosexual marriages;

– the new legal figures derived from the various legislative measures which are aimed at eliminating domestic or ‘gender’ violence;

– the new communicative practices which are emerging from women’s progressive incorporation to managerial positions in both public and private companies;

– the redefinition of the traditional roles assigned to ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’;

– the evolving attitudes towards love or sex fostered by a diversity of religions or social movements;

– the new types of ‘family’ or of ‘sexual relations’; etc.

To carry out this research project, we will concentrate on the following types of texts –which we have termed as socio-ideological– which are of a social nature and –either because of its prescriptive or persuasive character– strongly determine the ideology of a democratic society:

– legislative texts

– mass-media texts (oral or written)

– doctrinal publications

– institutional publications

– all kinds of texts on the Internet

The concrete steps we will take are:

(a) Updating of the growing literature on the topic.

(b) Documenting the social presence of a new language around ‘gender and sexual (in)equality’ in the texts mentioned above.

(c) Analysis of the key concepts, the discursive tensions, the processes of lexical negotiation or of collective identities’ formation, in the said texts.

(d) Recopilation of a corpus of our research group.

(e) Beginning of a bilingual dictionary (English-Spanish) on ‘gender and sexual (in)equality’.

(f) Dissemination of the results of our documentation and analysis.

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