Conference announcement

imagesDr. José Santaemilia Ruiz, director of GENTEXT Research Group, will deliver a paper in the following conference:

First International Conference on Gender, Development and Textuality (Fundamental Texts for Women’s Development)

Universitat de Vic, June 15-17 2011

The aim of this conference is to achieve a better understanding of the contributions provided by fundamental texts that have given momentum to the revolution in interdisciplinary studies involving women and their development.

The conference will include topics from three areas:

1. Literary text and texts in pedagogy and history

2. The translation of literary texts and essays

3. Legal and institutional texts, including international declarations

The conference will be organised according to thematic areas and will include plenary sessions, panel discussions, and papers with the participation of:

Fatiha Benlabbah, Mohammed V University

Encarna Bodelón, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Irene Comins, Cátedra UNESCO de Filolsofia per la Pau

Miguel Àngel Essomba, UNESCO Catalunya

Louise von Flotow, University of Ottawa

More information at:

Centre CEID (Centre d’Estudis Interdisciplinaris de la Dona)

Tlf.: 938 86 12 22 – –